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The Cluttered Owl offers a wide variety of practical and unique WOOD involved Make & Take Parties. Whether you are celebrating a birthday {kids or adults!}, planning a bridal shower, organizing a bachelorette's night out, in need of some team building or just need a night out with the girl's or your spouse, our Make & Take Parties are sure to provide a FUN hands-on experience like you've never had before!



At The Cluttered Owl anyone can be a MAKER. Our goal is to empower and encourage every person that steps through our doors. Whether you create daily or are a total beginner, we can help you create a charming and unique project that fits YOUR style!


What can you expect at one of our parties?

At one of our workshops you can expect to get a little dirty {with sawdust and paint of course} as you transform raw wood into something you will be proud to display in your home! Sanding, distressing, painting and personalizing! We will walk you step by step through important painting, staining and distressing techniques only those with extensive practice and knowledge can provide.


No time on the schedule right now?

No problem! You can place an order for a custom piece anytime!